Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Hi everyone!

We seem to be having a lot of rainbows around here at the moment, often very vivid double rainbows which I don’t remember seeing so much of before.

And then, I was lying on the kitchen floor last week with Niamh sitting on me, when I happened to look out the back door and see another rainbow curving around the edge of a cloud just overhead.

All these lovely rainbows have reinvigorated my love of rainbow crochet, so here are the pics of my current rainbow WIPs.

Rainbow Shells

This first one is a prototype for something – I just love the shell pattern! And I love shell patterns in general – but has anyone come across a pattern for a circular shell? Or a shell-type granny square? Or am I going to have to work out my own?

And here’s my third time lucky blanket which is creeping along. I was taking this pic yesterday evening when I noticed a potential disaster right in the middle – was I going to have to frog it all over again?

Third time lucky blanket - disaster?

See that? I’m not quite sure how this has happened - paranoid as I am, I usually leave lovely long yarn tails – so why is round 1 unravelling on its own?

Fortunately, I think I caught it just in time as only one of the round 2 treble clusters had lost its anchor.

I took a needle and some red yarn and ran the yarn around the bottom loops of all the treble clusters which were anchored in round 1.

Problem solved
Problem solved – phew!

See you next time!


pinkundine said...

I love your rainbow shell pattern, so pretty :) Good work on fixing the blanket - would have been awful if you'd had to frog it again!

heather said...

Love your rainbow! Nice save on the unraveling too. As a semi-newbie, that kind of stuff freaks me out!

Sarah (Crafts From The Cwtch) said...

Phew - nice work on the blanket, so glad you fixed it before it had a chance to get any worse. It's very annoying when that sort of thing happens

Nicky said...

I love that you were inspired by the rainbow for these projects.

Love the prototype pic and the blanket. Great save!!!

Karen said...

Gorgeous! I love all the rainbows.
I'm so glad you were able to save your blanket:)

Denise said...

I love both your blankets. My grandmother used to make beautiful shell crochet blankets. You've inspired me to get some yarn to make my own soon, possibly.

Hazel said...

The shell pattern is really pretty, its an interesting thought making a granny shell pattern :)

Ooooh, i had that with my granny square project, but I managed to sew it back together with the right coloured wool (noone would suspect a thing).

Theresa said...

Beautiful blanket!!!! Nice work on solving the problem!!!! Can't tell there was a mistake at all~~~