Friday, April 22, 2011

In the mood

Can you hear me singing? 'I'm in the moo-oo-ood for blogging, I feel like blogging .... ' Substitute dancing for blogging and you might get the tune. According to Google it's the Nolans.

Anyway, I'm in the mood to blog but don't have anything in particular to say - I really need to sort out photos for a proper post.

So I thought I'd just pop by to say hello, how are you all? What are you all working on these days? I'm still trying to crochet and document a couple of toys for the Inside Crochet competition, but I feel like I'm struggling to find the time to make any progress these days - it may take some late nights to get sorted out :-( I hate feeling disorganised like this.

The countdown is also ticking for my return to the world of work in May - not sure whether or not I'm looking forward to that. I made a big mistake in going back to work full time after I had Iona, so this time I'm going back part time. Still need to get the child care sorted out .....