Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The post without an interesting title

I’m thinking of starting a new SAL! Anyone like to join me? It even has a name – THE RESISTANCE! It’s a SAL for everyone out there who is managing to resist Mary Wigham on the Needleprint blog. I feel like I’m not getting very far with anything at the moment, so there’s no way I’m starting that one!

So, I thought I’d start my own SAL – the only rules are that you stitch on a large project (BAP) one day a week! That can’t be too hard now, can it?

Thanks for all your kind comments on A Patchwork of Stars - I’m glad everybody likes it! I hope some of you give it a go – I’d love to see what somebody else does with it.

I was rather surprised at the end of last week when my blog suddenly began to get a lot of traffic coming from Craftgossip. Following up on that, I was amazed to see A Patchwork of Stars featured in a blog entry there – WOW!

I’ve also been a bit puzzled by the amount of traffic I’ve been getting on Flickr, I think at least partly coming from the Cyber Stitchers EGA group on Yahoo – did somebody link to my photos from there? I’m just curious, but as I’m not a member of EGA,I probably won’t find out unless somebody reading this would like to share?

And it’s that time of the month again – so here’s my pic for the Totally Useless SAL! I was rather busy at the weekend (the imminent arrival of my parents requiring all the downstairs rooms of the house to be spring cleaned in 3 hours), so I didn’t get round to transferring things into my fancy crystal jug - you’ll just have to make to with my jam jar instead.

There’s nothing wrong with the scissors – I’ve just got into the habit of popping them in there when I’m not using them!

I’ve also been doing a fair bit of crochet since I finished A Patchwork of Stars, but as it’s for exchanges, I can’t share yet. So here’s a couple of things I put together in Flickr, just for a bit of fun!

Lego love

Ravishing ribbons