Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Something to do with my template

Well, that's one problem solved! If you look on the RHS you should see my followers (particularly if you're using IE), and even I can see them! And it's lovely to see you all - yay! Looks like it was something to do with my template that was stopping my Followers being visible, to me at least. So next, I'll be away on the hunt for a snazzy new template. I just switched to something very basic here to see if my Followers would work.

I'm cross with Google Reader at the moment too. I just skim through all the blogs I have waiting to be read, not reading them properly and rarely commenting. It's the one thing that really bugs me about feed readers - they're just not proactive enough. If anyone knows any better, please let me know!

Because of my current apathetic mood, even photos don't excite me and I'm wasting far too much time looking at nothing in particular on Flickr.

So I'm having a completely apathetic week, still sleeping badly in the bunk beds, and feeling like I'm getting absolutely nothing constructive done in any way shape or form. Blah!

In fact, getting my Followers fixed is the highlight of my week! Think I'll just give up on this week completely.

Edited later: This template's slightly different and gives me a bit of scope to play around with - could be fun! Now to get all my sidebar widgets sorted out.