Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Lost the plot

I feel like I've lost the plot a bit over the last week or two. I just don't seem to be able to settle down to doing and enjoying anything particularly well at the moment. As a result, very little has been achieved.

On Friday, in attempt to find something vaguely interesting to do, I dug out my knitting needles and began my first attempt at knitting one of these.

Originally uploaded to Flickr by monkee maker

I've got a back, a front and two arms so far. If you haven't seen it before, take a look at monkee maker's blog. It always makes me smile!

Also on the knitting front, I've discovered these!

Originally uploaded to Flickr by KnitYoga

The pattern for these gnomes originally came with an issue of Simply Knitting, I think in 2005, and I'm seriously having to restrain myself from spending a ridiculous amount of money on ebay to get hold of the pattern! But they are very cute!

I have done a little stitching over the last couple of weeks, but nothing I'm ready to share yet. I'm working to get Donna's RR finished and I've also made a (very) small start to my Paradigm Lost for the Snowbird SAL. But then the lethargy set in!

Maybe I'll have some photos of my own to post next time!

Oh, and there are still PIFs available if anyone's interested. See this post.


Wendy said...

These little guys are so cute! I think we all need to take little stitching breaks from time to time.

Carla said...

Tht gnome is too cute!! I wish I knew how to knit :)

Barbara said...

Oh boy, if I could knit, our house would be full of those cuties!!

Sally said...

Those monkeys are so cute!

Cheryl said...

They're cute! Cant wait to see your progress on one
Good luck with the RR

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Good luck with the knitting! I hope you get more done than me - I haven't achieved a stitch today! Thanks for the comment on my blog. Lucy x

Julie said...

So cute, i love them

Hope your energy levels improve and you are soon 'blooming' again

Kathy A. said...

Those little monkeys are adorable. Hey, we all need stitching breaks. Keep in touch with the Snowbird SAL and we will do our best to keep you motivated.

Monkee Maker said...

Hi Lesley,

Thanks for the link :)

So? How's it going?? That mouth bit is a tad tricky.

I've seen that gnome before and think he's fab. I haven't tried one yet though.

Have a happy weekend.

monique said...

Cute gnome! If I ever make it past the "scarf" stage in knitting, I'd like to give something like that a try.

So... do you still have room in your PIF? I'd love to do this :)

nutmeg5 said...

Enjoy your knitting while that bug lasts. The little monkey and gnome are both so cute. You'll get back to Paradigm Lost soon enough.

Jaimie said...

Cute monkeys! They would make great gifts!