Monday, October 02, 2006

Peachy weekend

Back at work now after a fantastic weekend's stitching! I'd been so down on stitching last week, it was such a relief to get the bug back on Friday evening and I spent lots of time working on my Peachy biscornu. I could have done more, but as it's a SAL, I thought I'd wait for Friday's instructions and give myself something to look forward to next weekend. Here's a piccie of the front -

We also had a great family afternoon on Saturday at the golf range. My son had a sulk because he couldn't hit the ball as far as me or his dad! But we've all signed up now for some lessons at the end of the month which I'm really looking forward to. I played a lot of gold as a junior, but not a lot over the last 20 years, which is a shame because I really enjoy it.

My son and I also shared our first cycling expedition on Sunday morning. My husband doesn't have a bike so he wasn't allowed to come. We went to a local park which is just out of walking range and which we would normally visit by car. Once at the park we cycled around and played at the play area and visited a small nature reserve before cycling home again. Parks like this aren't generally my favourite place to visit but I really enjoyed being able to do this with my son and is exactly the reason why I own a bike!

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